Talking Tuesdays: Sharing 2017 Theme Progress and Resources

So with my theme for this year being mindfulness, and following Aileen Xu for some time now (never-minding that I'm taking part in her first Artist of Life mastermind program), I wanted to share some of what's getting me more mindful of my mindfulness, as it's half way through the year, and it's so easy to … Continue reading Talking Tuesdays: Sharing 2017 Theme Progress and Resources


Sabbath Saturdays: Personal Spirituality

We know how I feel about organized religions, and I've mentioned where I have been on my spiritual journey before, but it's been awhile since I've played catch up with ya'll, excluding my forever long book review on The Power of Now. That book truly did open my eyes to wording how I felt, in a much … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Personal Spirituality

Follow Me Friday: TedX Talks

If you don't know about TedX talks (or Ted talks), you're really missing out. Tedx is actually independently collaborated with the TED. TED talks were started out with talks about technology, entertainment and design. For the most part, it's stayed true to its colors, as most things fall under those categories. Off and on over the … Continue reading Follow Me Friday: TedX Talks

Follow Me Fridays: Shir Levi

I found her recently, on Youtube, finding my way through that sidebar list, that's forever changing. Her name is Shir Levi, and she's nothing short of stunning, the videos I've watched from her channel. Her voice is exotic (I'm American here, so don't judge too harsh haha!), she's stunning, and so comfortable in her own … Continue reading Follow Me Fridays: Shir Levi

Follow Me Fridays: Lavendaire

For this week's follow me Friday, I'm going to be talking about a wonderful lady, who I've probably talked about before. Her name is Aileen, and her lifestyle blog, YouTube channel, and social medias, are all Lavendaire. She loves lavender, can't you tell? Most of the time, you'll find her hair a pastel purple. Part of … Continue reading Follow Me Fridays: Lavendaire

Daily Prompt: Retreat

via Daily Prompt: Retreat I love retreating, as odd as it sounds. When I first think of retreat, I think of being at home (or in a nice little home), with my couple closest mates (I literally only have 2, wish they both could meet...that'd be a retreat!), and enjoying our company in some fashion … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Retreat

Daily Prompt: Discover

via Daily Prompt: Discover Daily prompt is making it super easy for me right now, to do two posts in one, while adding more to my post, just enough! Today's word of the day is discover, and it's Friday, so it's follow me Friday here. For today, Hunter Avallone, is my go to following. If … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Discover

Life/Journey Update

I owe all my readers this (like all 10 of you). My past birthday (back in September, still feeling 22), I made a promise to myself, and to my late grandfather (who I feel around me all the's nice not to feel alone), that I'd work on myself from there on out, researching, asking … Continue reading Life/Journey Update

Commentary: Abuse

Since it's been quite awhile since I've posted (main reason being I haven't had anything strike me hard enough to feel as a topic that I would like to write about on here.), I've finally found my first topic of 2016: abuse. It's something that is very complex, and even though there is plethora of … Continue reading Commentary: Abuse