Sunday Fundays: Routines and Change

via Daily Prompt: Exposed So as of this last month and a half just about, I've needed to redevelop and reassess my regular routine, post work, and on non-work days (which are my weekends, even though it's not weekends). I'm still developing a sort of structure on that aspect, but I want to bring to … Continue reading Sunday Fundays: Routines and Change


Sunday Funday: Looking at Movies

With all that is and has been going on regarding politics (the last 6 months at least), government, and anything to do with issues with the government over the last decade or so, you can't ignore some issues. One thing lately, is the "Russian" hacking (it was some hacking issue, not personally sold on Russia … Continue reading Sunday Funday: Looking at Movies

Successful Sunday Funday

I didn't really do much on what I consider Sunday (Tuesday night into the wee hours of Wednesday), but considering it's actually Sunday, I am already having a pretty successful Sunday, and it's just past 10 am. I still have some things I want to accomplish, but here we are, and I've done some good. … Continue reading Successful Sunday Funday

Sunday (Actual) Funday

For me, I work nights, and since I work in retail, I don't ever have a weekend night off, unless I put in vacation time for it, and or, if like this year, Christmas falls on the weekend, and we get off, as it's the only day of the year, that my store closes. This … Continue reading Sunday (Actual) Funday

Daily Prompt: Relax

via Daily Prompt: Relax What a better way to get into my Nail me Mondays, than relax, as a one word prompt, from a WordPress page I follow? Mondays are for self discovery, how I've learned to self love, what I recommend to read, watch, or try, and how I've learned to find myself again. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Relax

Sunday Funday

Why wouldn't I have Sunday Funday as a post? It's only a fad, you know! Well, consider me guilty for partaking in a fad then, no f*cks given! My literal Sundays consist of working the night into Sunday morning, coming home, after maybe grabbing some groceries (I work at a Walmart Supercenter), starting food (today, … Continue reading Sunday Funday