Sabbath Saturdays: Keeping Rituals Even While Busy

As you're reading this, I'm partaking in my first wedding (assuming it the Saturday I'm posting this). Well, my first that I'm full scale in-I'm a bridesmaid. These last several months of self-love and self-care, let alone working on mindfulness has helped me so much with these last few weeks, leading up to the wedding. … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Keeping Rituals Even While Busy


Sabbath Saturdays: Law of Attraction

This sounds so funny, and out there, but the last week that I've had, let me tell ya, was out there enough for me. A lot of things, spiritually, that I've looked into recently, since starting my spiritual journey, and joining Facebook groups (half as fast as I can leave some of them), this is … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Law of Attraction

Mindful Mondays: First Book Review of 2017

Like I said I would do, come the end of the month, I'd do my book review. One of my main goals for 2017 is to read a book a month, and write a review on here about it. Most of my books will be about self-growth/love, or about empowerment, or about creating the life … Continue reading Mindful Mondays: First Book Review of 2017

Mindful Mondays: Love from Within

My biggest reason behind my year theme of Mindfulness, is the reason of self love. We can mind whatever we wish, but it is a direct reflection to what is bestowed within ourselves. Conscious mindfulness of why we mind what we do, how we address others (which shows how we address ourselves as well), shows … Continue reading Mindful Mondays: Love from Within

Sabbath Saturdays: Self Love

I was going to title this Self Worship instead of Self Love, but I don't want to come across as a narcissist. Plus, I believe that a lot of my (and what I think others') spiritual journey, is learning to self love. Now I don't really see myself as a god worshiper, but I know … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Self Love

Mindful Mondays: A Switch in Day Theme

Mindfulness is my theme for 2k17, and Mindful Mondays makes more sense, than Nail Me Mondays, so I'm changing it, because well, new year new me, right? It's still going to be just about my personal growth outside of spiritualism (see anything under the Sabbath Saturday category...I made a nice Category shortcut under the Menu). … Continue reading Mindful Mondays: A Switch in Day Theme

Nail Me Mondays Winter 2k17: Interior

via Daily Prompt: Interior New year, new goals, and new head space right?! That means you should read yesterday's post¬†from me, to see where the interior of 2017 will look like for me. If we're being honest, it looks rather busy. I'm young and ambitious, and no better time to do it than now, because … Continue reading Nail Me Mondays Winter 2k17: Interior

Follow Me Fridays: Lavendaire

For this week's follow me Friday, I'm going to be talking about a wonderful lady, who I've probably talked about before. Her name is Aileen, and her lifestyle blog,¬†YouTube channel, and social medias, are all Lavendaire. She loves lavender, can't you tell? Most of the time, you'll find her hair a pastel purple. Part of … Continue reading Follow Me Fridays: Lavendaire

Daily Prompt: Retreat

via Daily Prompt: Retreat I love retreating, as odd as it sounds. When I first think of retreat, I think of being at home (or in a nice little home), with my couple closest mates (I literally only have 2, wish they both could meet...that'd be a retreat!), and enjoying our company in some fashion … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Retreat

Daily Prompt: Relax

via Daily Prompt: Relax What a better way to get into my Nail me Mondays, than relax, as a one word prompt, from a WordPress page I follow? Mondays are for self discovery, how I've learned to self love, what I recommend to read, watch, or try, and how I've learned to find myself again. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Relax