Thirsty Thursdays: Seagram’s Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka

I haven't done anything at all in forever, so here I am, switching up my "usual" alcoholic drink day to today, since it isn't wine. Yes, I'm still a wine lover! But also yes, I drink other things. If you haven't already figured out, this is a sweet tea flavored vodka, that you'd spike some … Continue reading Thirsty Thursdays: Seagram’s Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka


Face Me Fridays: L’oreal Wrinkle Expert Moisturizer 25+

Okay, clearly I'm not 25 yet, but working nights, my face is aging differently. I can tell some fine lines, that are becoming crows feet. I don't do anything facially, do I?! (Joke!!!) I know you have to start early, if you don't start ahead of time. One of my microgoals this year, is to … Continue reading Face Me Fridays: L’oreal Wrinkle Expert Moisturizer 25+

Try Things Thursday: Keratin Conditioner

via Daily Prompt: Clean Over the past week or so, I've been trying┬áthis┬ákeratin protein conditioner. I've been so fond of hair masks, treatments, and conditioners for a good while now, and I've tried the treatment version of this, from their brand. I tried it, and soon after, it wasn't on the shelf at Walmart, and … Continue reading Try Things Thursday: Keratin Conditioner

Mindful Mondays: First Book Review of 2017

Like I said I would do, come the end of the month, I'd do my book review. One of my main goals for 2017 is to read a book a month, and write a review on here about it. Most of my books will be about self-growth/love, or about empowerment, or about creating the life … Continue reading Mindful Mondays: First Book Review of 2017

Wine it Wednesdays: Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc

I was going to do another wine for Wine Wednesdays, but this one was a must to talk about! Barefoot was one of the staple brands, that most people talked about, for affordable while keeping quality, and it's yet to fall short for me. Today, I tried their Sauvignon Blanc white wine. Noting that this … Continue reading Wine it Wednesdays: Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Me Wednesdays: Livingston Merlot

This week, I'm reviewing a go-to brand of wine for me, as I've personally already tried this wine, and it's brand, and it's never disappointed this broke chick. I typically get the large 3 liter version of this brand, when I go to my state liquor and wine store. Their Merlot and their Chardonnay are … Continue reading Wine Me Wednesdays: Livingston Merlot

Wine Wednesdays: Barefoot Pinot Noir

This week, for wine Wednesday, I chose a red wine, as Christmas is coming, Yule has started, and we all need something warm this time of year. I was talking with my mom a while back, about good wines to try, and if there was any particular brands she liked. She told me that Barefoot … Continue reading Wine Wednesdays: Barefoot Pinot Noir