Sabbath Saturdays: Personal Spirituality

We know how I feel about organized religions, and I've mentioned where I have been on my spiritual journey before, but it's been awhile since I've played catch up with ya'll, excluding my forever long book review on The Power of Now. That book truly did open my eyes to wording how I felt, in a much … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Personal Spirituality


Birth Control and Irritations

So if it's not obvious, I'm on birth control now. Yes, I'm doing the dirty. No that is not the only reason why I've started my journey. No, I don't make my sex life public, ignoring me talking about it now. Yes, I am aware that anyone who wishes to take anything birth control is … Continue reading Birth Control and Irritations

Sabbath Saturdays: Finding Myself, Finding My Spirituality.

As I'm on this journey of learning, growing, falling, and getting back up again, also known as life, I'm truly enjoying my time sharing with those of you interested in my journey into spiritualism, whatever that turns out for me. This is also my spiritual journey-documenting it one Sabbath Saturday post at a time, until … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Finding Myself, Finding My Spirituality.

Sabbath Saturdays: Self Love

I was going to title this Self Worship instead of Self Love, but I don't want to come across as a narcissist. Plus, I believe that a lot of my (and what I think others') spiritual journey, is learning to self love. Now I don't really see myself as a god worshiper, but I know … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Self Love

Sabbath Saturday: Specific Spirituality

via Daily Prompt: Specific Today's daily prompt is about as close as a match, to what I wanted to do with today's Sabbath Saturday. I want to be more specific with where I am in my spiritual journey. I briefly went over where I am last week (and last year, for all technicality!), but I … Continue reading Sabbath Saturday: Specific Spirituality

Sabbath Saturday: the Start to My Journey

Last week, you got background into how I grew up, and as a general, what my town is like, religiously speaking. This week, I'll be going into some detail of my journey since leaving the Christian church at least. In all reality, I left the church when I moved to my dad's at 16 years … Continue reading Sabbath Saturday: the Start to My Journey

Religion & Modern Issues

I know this will offend plenty, and to make things clear, I myself am more agnostic than anything. There will be people wanting to convert me to their own faith, and I admire the highlights they argue. That's the common denominator with all well established religions, they all know the aspects of meaning well, and … Continue reading Religion & Modern Issues

Beliefs in the Bathroom

Okay, I know I'm fashionably late with writing a commentary post about this topic, and I have some different, yet half valid points I want to share about it. Now I know everyone has different stances, and reasons for feeling the way they do, but this is how I feel it should be: Men use … Continue reading Beliefs in the Bathroom