Uninspired to Re-inspired: July Goals

Ugh, this is where I'm at. I dropped off last month, and here I am. This is rough. I need structure and I suck at adulting, and going for what I want to become. I've gotten better at it, I was doing so decent, but then June. I hate warm months, and June got to … Continue reading Uninspired to Re-inspired: July Goals


Wine Wednesday and Word Vomit

Unfortunately I'm not actually drinking what has been depicted but I do want to try it. I am drinking Sutter Home's Sauvignon Blanc today. As much as it gives me an acid re-flux moment, I do actually like it quite a bit. Now that we're getting into the warmer months (ick), I've been wanting to dive more … Continue reading Wine Wednesday and Word Vomit

Birth Control and Irritations

So if it's not obvious, I'm on birth control now. Yes, I'm doing the dirty. No that is not the only reason why I've started my journey. No, I don't make my sex life public, ignoring me talking about it now. Yes, I am aware that anyone who wishes to take anything birth control is … Continue reading Birth Control and Irritations

Sabbath Saturdays: Finding Myself, Finding My Spirituality.

As I'm on this journey of learning, growing, falling, and getting back up again, also known as life, I'm truly enjoying my time sharing with those of you interested in my journey into spiritualism, whatever that turns out for me. This is also my spiritual journey-documenting it one Sabbath Saturday post at a time, until … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Finding Myself, Finding My Spirituality.

Mindful Mondays: A Switch in Day Theme

Mindfulness is my theme for 2k17, and Mindful Mondays makes more sense, than Nail Me Mondays, so I'm changing it, because well, new year new me, right? It's still going to be just about my personal growth outside of spiritualism (see anything under the Sabbath Saturday category...I made a nice Category shortcut under the Menu). … Continue reading Mindful Mondays: A Switch in Day Theme

Daily Prompt: Calm

via Daily Prompt: Calm It's Thursday morning, barely. Brunch time of 11:30 for some basic bitches, wish I could be one of them. Don't know if they even do brunches on the Thursday before Christmas. It's truly about bedtime for me. I'll do my Try things Thursday post after this, although will be short, as … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Calm

Daily Prompt: Chaotic

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic Although this won't be my comeback post, I feel this a prime post topic. I feel this whole month of November is chaotic. The US had its presidential election starting out the month, while just days later, had Veteren's day. I have my feelings to what's been going on, to the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Chaotic

The Red Cup Issue

So this issue over The red cup issue is overrated. It's the beginning of November, and these Christains are bitching about Christmas Cups. From Starbucks. One thing: No person, or company, should be forced to celebrate the same things you do, nor in the same fashion. And it's freaking November for Christ's sake. For most "Christians" … Continue reading The Red Cup Issue