Tarot Tuesday: 6 Month Outlook and New Spread

So today, I felt like getting back into my tarot readings. Since it's the start of the second half of the year, I was wanting to do a 3 or 6 month spread, and I found my 6 month spread on my Pinterest board. I also had added another tarot spread that I wanted to try … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: 6 Month Outlook and New Spread


Trumping Tarot Tuesday

Seeing as now that Trump has been our president for just over his first work week, I feel the need to do my take on what we may see throughout the next 4 years with him, through the eyes of my tarot deck. We all have our outlook on what will happen, but the only true thing … Continue reading Trumping Tarot Tuesday

Try Things Thursday: Crock Pot Edition

This week, I'm not doing a breaded product, but a crock pot meal. This is my first meal in my new crock pot that I got at the beginning of last month (December of 2016). I got the meal off of Pinterest, which is basically getting it off of another blog half the time (someone … Continue reading Try Things Thursday: Crock Pot Edition

Follow Me Fridays

As I've been doing the last couple days, I'm introducing my day to day topics, to what I'm using to revamp my blog here, and trying to make it entertaining for all of us. Fridays will be follow me Fridays, where I either share stories from the week, or give you all one person I … Continue reading Follow Me Fridays

Try Things Thursdays

As a part of my "get back into blogging" thing, that I started yesterday really, Thursdays are for me to express my trial tuesdays, where I really write it for Thursdays, because why not do T things on T days? For the record, if you're wondering about it all, I currently have Monday nights and … Continue reading Try Things Thursdays