Sabbath Saturdays: Personal Spirituality

We know how I feel about organized religions, and I've mentioned where I have been on my spiritual journey before, but it's been awhile since I've played catch up with ya'll, excluding my forever long book review on The Power of Now. That book truly did open my eyes to wording how I felt, in a much … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Personal Spirituality


Sabbath Saturdays: Finding Myself, Finding My Spirituality.

As I'm on this journey of learning, growing, falling, and getting back up again, also known as life, I'm truly enjoying my time sharing with those of you interested in my journey into spiritualism, whatever that turns out for me. This is also my spiritual journey-documenting it one Sabbath Saturday post at a time, until … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Finding Myself, Finding My Spirituality.

Issues With Society

More and more, am I seeing these posts come up about these people that are overweight and are on government assistance, that are blaming the fact that they don't get enough out of their aid to be within a normal weight. I would say I'm sorry about what I'm about to say, but I'm more … Continue reading Issues With Society


Okay, so sure I've given into the Hulu realm. I've had Netflix for ages. But There's one sole reason why I went to subscribe to Hulu-to watch Scream Queens. Sure, call me one of those white bitches. Call me whatever makes you happy/makes you feel better. I usually don't like to give into modern TV … Continue reading Womanhood