Tarot Tuesday: 6 Month Outlook and New Spread

So today, I felt like getting back into my tarot readings. Since it's the start of the second half of the year, I was wanting to do a 3 or 6 month spread, and I found my 6 month spread on my┬áPinterest board. I also had added another tarot spread that I wanted to try … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: 6 Month Outlook and New Spread


Mindful Mondays: Love from Within

My biggest reason behind my year theme of Mindfulness, is the reason of self love. We can mind whatever we wish, but it is a direct reflection to what is bestowed within ourselves. Conscious mindfulness of why we mind what we do, how we address others (which shows how we address ourselves as well), shows … Continue reading Mindful Mondays: Love from Within

Self Love

I know I'm joining the bandwagon on this topic, but I'd like to think, the more that I'm personally diving into this for myself, that so many people still need to discover this for themselves. So many people are so artificially in love with things or want to say they're in love with who they … Continue reading Self Love

Moving On

It's been a year since that phone call. That phone call, with my dad on the other side, telling me that you had been taken to the hospital, and under watchful eye. It's been a year since your health took the worst turn, and Mother Earth wanted you back. She took you that same day, … Continue reading Moving On