Thinking Thursday: Lifestyle Changes

So a lot has changed for me this year, with actually going through with goals, and being proactive with going through on plans. Things have and haven't worked, and things have fell through, and some have looked like they were going to fall through, then come back to life somehow. I've shared a lot of … Continue reading Thinking Thursday: Lifestyle Changes


April Review and May Goals

Tomorrow, I'll be doing my book review, of The Power of Now, which I took the whole month to read, and meditate over. In my private mastermind group on Facebook, today is our April Review day (It's on the last Sunday of each month, or about...always on a Sunday). I've never actually attended the live chat … Continue reading April Review and May Goals

Feburary Goals Update/Moving Into March

So this is totally overdue, a post, but I got busy and sidetracked there for a little while. It was nice. February was all about developing ways of getting more money, for me. I set up my Etsy shop, so when I finally get done with a few items to sell, I'll update you all, … Continue reading Feburary Goals Update/Moving Into March

Mindful Mondays: Sharing February Goals

They say that the best way to accomplish a goal, is to tell someone, for accountability. I've also heard, that the more you talk about it, the more likely you're not to accomplish it. I guess it's because you're talking so much, that you don't have time for working on said goal. Frankly my February … Continue reading Mindful Mondays: Sharing February Goals

Face Me Fridays: L’oreal Wrinkle Expert Moisturizer 25+

Okay, clearly I'm not 25 yet, but working nights, my face is aging differently. I can tell some fine lines, that are becoming crows feet. I don't do anything facially, do I?! (Joke!!!) I know you have to start early, if you don't start ahead of time. One of my microgoals this year, is to … Continue reading Face Me Fridays: L’oreal Wrinkle Expert Moisturizer 25+

Mindful Mondays: Love from Within

My biggest reason behind my year theme of Mindfulness, is the reason of self love. We can mind whatever we wish, but it is a direct reflection to what is bestowed within ourselves. Conscious mindfulness of why we mind what we do, how we address others (which shows how we address ourselves as well), shows … Continue reading Mindful Mondays: Love from Within

Mindful Mondays: A Switch in Day Theme

Mindfulness is my theme for 2k17, and Mindful Mondays makes more sense, than Nail Me Mondays, so I'm changing it, because well, new year new me, right? It's still going to be just about my personal growth outside of spiritualism (see anything under the Sabbath Saturday category...I made a nice Category shortcut under the Menu). … Continue reading Mindful Mondays: A Switch in Day Theme

Sunday Funday: Year 2k17

via Daily Prompt: Year Starting off the year killing 2 birds with one stone, like classic me. My Sunday funday this week, is going to to being about making this year my year, and telling you my goals for the upcoming year. This year will be even more my year, than 2016. So grab your … Continue reading Sunday Funday: Year 2k17

Desires to Travel

So I know this is a week overdue, and I have no excuse. I'm making no excuse now, as I'm writing this with a head cold. Anyways, I am back, and writing this blog post, about traveling. I did some polls on my twitter (@power_gingy) and got some nice feedback, let alone some actual input … Continue reading Desires to Travel

Finding Who I Am

I know I posted yesterday about this, but I feel the calling for writing another post, more or less to go into detail about who I am,  what I'm interested in, and what I want to become. This post will probably help me more than it will help anyone who reads this, but that's half … Continue reading Finding Who I Am