Focus Fridays: Notes From This Month’s Read

This month, I'm doing a little insight into something I want to more tune into next year, which is podcasting. I'm reading (slowly, really) Podcast Launch on my kindle app (Android, iOS, and for browser reading). I'll have the total book review come the last Monday of the month (the 29th for those who love the date). Today's topic … Continue reading Focus Fridays: Notes From This Month’s Read


Focus Friday

So a little new segment here, that I half created on a whim, so I can share with you guys (and girls) my journey even more. Focus Fridays are going to be all about where I share what I'm focusing in on, and help me discipline myself in what I want to work towards. In … Continue reading Focus Friday

(Un)Focused Friday

This is something that just sparked my brain, as today for some odd apparent reason, along with natural hormones as a female coming into play, my mental issues and progression come to a stand-by. I wanted to write about it, to help me push through it, and it seems to already be helping. I first … Continue reading (Un)Focused Friday