Thirsty Thursdays: Seagram’s Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka

I haven't done anything at all in forever, so here I am, switching up my "usual" alcoholic drink day to today, since it isn't wine. Yes, I'm still a wine lover! But also yes, I drink other things. If you haven't already figured out, this is a sweet tea flavored vodka, that you'd spike some … Continue reading Thirsty Thursdays: Seagram’s Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka


Wine Wednesdays: Barefoot Champange

via Daily Prompt: Resist When I went into the wine store Monday morning, I couldn't resist trying at least one of the champagnes that were at the end of the aisle when I walked in. There's a handful of flavors that Barefoot has, and I picked up two different ones, one for next week's try. … Continue reading Wine Wednesdays: Barefoot Champange

Wine Wednesdays: Barefoot Pinot Noir

This week, for wine Wednesday, I chose a red wine, as Christmas is coming, Yule has started, and we all need something warm this time of year. I was talking with my mom a while back, about good wines to try, and if there was any particular brands she liked. She told me that Barefoot … Continue reading Wine Wednesdays: Barefoot Pinot Noir

Wine Wednesdays: Beringer Chardonnay

So I'm starting something a little new here, to help me keep writing, and to keep you guys reading, and hopefully new ones to come around to my blog. I know I posted not just one, but TWO blog posts yesterday, but those were long overdue for you all. Each day of the week, I'll … Continue reading Wine Wednesdays: Beringer Chardonnay

Common Misconceptions

So I was just talking about this with a few of my friends on Twitter about this the other day. And It popped up yesterday on my trending sidebar on Facebook. I knew something would surface eventually after I read a story that surfaced about a lady who was an active drinker as a teen … Continue reading Common Misconceptions