Trump Tuesday: Almost Done With His First Quarter in Office

We're closing in on the end of Donald Trump's first quarter in the Oval Office, and boy has it been nothing different than his campaign days, where everyone is crying wolf over everything and anything, just because they can. From donating his first presidential paycheck to the National Park Services (see here), with all the backlash … Continue reading Trump Tuesday: Almost Done With His First Quarter in Office


Wine Wednesday: Glen Ellen Cabernet Sauvignon and a Contemplation

Described as a juicy berry and black cherry wine, with soft tones of tannins and a smoother finish, which this does live up to the name. It pairs well with a mushroom dish nicely, or a slow-cooked stew, which would be great to add a splash, I'm sure. I've never tried this brand of Cabernet … Continue reading Wine Wednesday: Glen Ellen Cabernet Sauvignon and a Contemplation

Trumping Tarot Tuesday

Seeing as now that Trump has been our president for just over his first work week, I feel the need to do my take on what we may see throughout the next 4 years with him, through the eyes of my tarot deck. We all have our outlook on what will happen, but the only true thing … Continue reading Trumping Tarot Tuesday

Personal Thoughts with Wine Wednesdays

As I don't have a wine this week (I kept to the one from last week's review, as that was truly bottom shelf, and I need a week, yanno?!), I'm drinking Barefoot's Sauvignon Blanc (see here for my review). I said yesterday that I wouldn't express my opinion there, but in a future post, that I'd land up doing today. Which in … Continue reading Personal Thoughts with Wine Wednesdays

Trump Tuesdays: His first 48 Hours

As we all know (I talked about it last week, here), we now have a President Donald Trump. He was inaugurated on Friday, January 20, 2017, just before noon, EST. He accomplished some things between all the events that day, like the executive order over Obamacare (Affordabe Care Act really). That was a huge thing he … Continue reading Trump Tuesdays: His first 48 Hours

Trump Tuesday

As we're approaching Inauguration of the president- and vice president-elect this Friday, it's only fitting that I discuss some of what Donald Trump has on his plate, and what he says he's going to do, and what his cabinet is going to look like. Now, I know there's die hard fans of our upcoming commander in … Continue reading Trump Tuesday