Focus Friday

So a little new segment here, that I half created on a whim, so I can share with you guys (and girls) my journey even more. Focus Fridays are going to be all about where I share what I'm focusing in on, and help me discipline myself in what I want to work towards. In … Continue reading Focus Friday


Follow Me Friday: TedX Talks

If you don't know about TedX¬†talks (or Ted talks), you're really missing out. Tedx is actually independently collaborated with the TED. TED talks were started out with talks about technology, entertainment and design. For the most part, it's stayed true to its colors, as most things fall under those categories. Off and on over the … Continue reading Follow Me Friday: TedX Talks

Follow Me Fridays: Shir Levi

I found her recently, on Youtube, finding my way through that sidebar list, that's forever changing. Her name is Shir Levi, and she's nothing short of stunning, the videos I've watched from her channel. Her voice is exotic (I'm American here, so don't judge too harsh haha!), she's stunning, and so comfortable in her own … Continue reading Follow Me Fridays: Shir Levi