Sunday Fundays: Routines and Change

via Daily Prompt: Exposed So as of this last month and a half just about, I've needed to redevelop and reassess my regular routine, post work, and on non-work days (which are my weekends, even though it's not weekends). I'm still developing a sort of structure on that aspect, but I want to bring to … Continue reading Sunday Fundays: Routines and Change


Sabbath Saturdays: Third Eye Tarot Reading

via Daily Prompt: Heal I haven't done a Sabbath Saturday in forever, so this is long overdue! I do want to start here by saying that I've started a Patreon , and with wanting to get into some other ideas that I want to incorperate into this brand of mine, I could get some financial support, … Continue reading Sabbath Saturdays: Third Eye Tarot Reading

Try Things Thursday: Keratin Conditioner

via Daily Prompt: Clean Over the past week or so, I've been trying this keratin protein conditioner. I've been so fond of hair masks, treatments, and conditioners for a good while now, and I've tried the treatment version of this, from their brand. I tried it, and soon after, it wasn't on the shelf at Walmart, and … Continue reading Try Things Thursday: Keratin Conditioner

Wine Wednesdays: Barefoot Champange

via Daily Prompt: Resist When I went into the wine store Monday morning, I couldn't resist trying at least one of the champagnes that were at the end of the aisle when I walked in. There's a handful of flavors that Barefoot has, and I picked up two different ones, one for next week's try. … Continue reading Wine Wednesdays: Barefoot Champange

Sabbath Saturday: Specific Spirituality

via Daily Prompt: Specific Today's daily prompt is about as close as a match, to what I wanted to do with today's Sabbath Saturday. I want to be more specific with where I am in my spiritual journey. I briefly went over where I am last week (and last year, for all technicality!), but I … Continue reading Sabbath Saturday: Specific Spirituality

Nail Me Mondays Winter 2k17: Interior

via Daily Prompt: Interior New year, new goals, and new head space right?! That means you should read yesterday's post from me, to see where the interior of 2017 will look like for me. If we're being honest, it looks rather busy. I'm young and ambitious, and no better time to do it than now, because … Continue reading Nail Me Mondays Winter 2k17: Interior

Sunday Funday: Year 2k17

via Daily Prompt: Year Starting off the year killing 2 birds with one stone, like classic me. My Sunday funday this week, is going to to being about making this year my year, and telling you my goals for the upcoming year. This year will be even more my year, than 2016. So grab your … Continue reading Sunday Funday: Year 2k17