Sabbath Saturdays: Keeping Rituals Even While Busy

As you’re reading this, I’m partaking in my first wedding (assuming it the Saturday I’m posting this). Well, my first that I’m full scale in-I’m a bridesmaid. These last several months of self-love and self-care, let alone working on mindfulness has helped me so much with these last few weeks, leading up to the wedding. If you’ve been in a wedding, you know how chaotic it is, or can be. Self control and biting my tongue is something I’ve more recently become less good at, because why hold feelings back? But I’ve had to do that here, with this wedding, because it’s not my wedding, and if she wants to make a bold move 2 weeks before the wedding, I can’t judge.

I won’t go into great detail now about the wedding, because that’s tomorrow’s post, and in all actuality, I’m writing this the Sunday prior, so that I don’t have to stress about this and the wedding. Let’s face it, did you think I’d take part in someone’s special day, AND manage to write a post? Plus, afterwards, we know I’ll have a big ol’ glass of wine in my hand after it all.

Today’s post on the other hand, is how to keep habits and rituals in tact (or as much as you can), during busy, frustrating, and quite frankly, “away from comfort-zone” times. It’s obviously inspired by the wedding, because this is so out of my comfort zone, and I’ll be so busy from mid Tuesday to when babe and I come crashing home Saturday night. Yes, We’ll probably be that couple that leaves early. I don’t care-by that time, I’ve done what’s appropriate for a wedding, and plus, by that time, we’ll be crawling on each other so bad it won’t be funny.

Now, keep in mind, some of my self-love routines are *rather pricey* (could spend up to $100 just on basic shampoo, leave in conditioner, detangler, and heat protection serum, which is all Paul Mitchell brand, and it lasts me about 10 months, so about $10/month), so my bag for a 3 day weekend will be very little clothes and very much products and things like my Artist of Life Workbook (for gratitude and affirmation practice), tarot cards, and lotions/sunscreen.

As of this year, I take personal hygiene and moisturizing very seriously, and am still working on what products I like, and what my body needs. So I advise you do the same, and get samples if you can, once you like a product, and use them for your trips away, or even keep some in your purse, locker, or car. When moisturizing, take that extra 30 seconds and rub it in fully.

When you’re away for a trip, no matter the reason, I always suggest taking headphones and a book (or download one on your phone/tablet/e-reader), and ALWAYS make sure that you get some time each day, even 10 minutes outside of a shower, to yourself, to refresh. Put some calming music on, like waves or rain, and read, or even just meditate. Even if you have to act like you’re taking a poop, and meditate on the floor, do it. Thank me later.

For getaways that are business related, make sure you stop working at a certain time, each day. Set an alarm for 30 minutes, or an hour before, and one for when to finally stop. When your first alarm goes off, take a moment to reassess the most important thing, or two, that you must get done and do it. Then if you have time, work on other things, or prep for tomorrow, even if it’s writing a to do list. After that, literally step away, and switch out that coffee cup for a wine glass, and wind down. Or order pizza, whichever.

That’s most of what I can think of, and I hope that’s as useful to you, as it’s a great reminder for me, to do the same while I’m getting busy for a week!


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