Talking Tuesdays: Sharing 2017 Theme Progress and Resources

So with my theme for this year being mindfulness, and following Aileen Xu for some time now (never-minding that I’m taking part in her first Artist of Life mastermind program), I wanted to share some of what’s getting me more mindful of my mindfulness, as it’s half way through the year, and it’s so easy to give up and just leave the goal behind, only to want to attempt it later on in life again, wishing you had kept going with it the first time.

I’ve been so into podcasts these last couple months, while I’m working. I work overnights in retail, so we have a fraction of the customers, and we’re allowed to have an earbud in, as long as it’s not hindering our work, and we can still help the customers. I do listen to music sometimes, but I love learning, and it’s the main way I keep up with some news. I use SoundCloud, and haven’t breached into using Google Music’s podcast list, because most of who I’ve found, are on SoundCloud, and not on Google Music.

If it’s not obvious, I listen to Aileen’s podcast, and her latest podcast is something that made me refocus on my overall theme that I want to take out of this year. This one is an interview with Sarah Anne Stewart, who is a heath and wellness coach, and it really made me start to rethink how I feel about nutrition, how I’m seeing food and my own body, and how my relationship with food is stemmed from my childhood.

That’s my podcast channel for mindfulness, as my other ones are more political and news. I feel like those as well, in a way, help me keep in mind what my values are, and since I’m focusing in on mindfulness and self-awareness, I’m learning day by day (or at least at work), where my values are, and what I stand for, against, and how strongly on each and every one of those things.

I’ve also been going down the rabbit hole of YouTube a lot lately as well, as I’m kind of getting over social media. Outside of Aileen’s channel on there, I love watching Sarah Nourse’s videos. I loved when those two ladies half met each other! Sarah and Aileen both were in part minimalism channels, but how they took on minimalism, and how some reacted to it, kind of made them steer away from making videos about it.

Another YouTuber that I watch, but not near as frequently for mindfulness (which in part is lifestyle as well, and grasping the finance end of it), is Mina of the Universe Guru channel. I have yet to read her book, but it is sitting in my kindle library. And yes, I quite literally went and added it to my library, just so I could write that, and remind myself that I SHOULD read it.

One last YouTuber I want to share is Sher Levi. She’s yet another minimalist, but her energy, vibes, and what she speaks about is something so up my alley. I actually found her because I was on a binge of house tour videos, and she did one, and her house is amazing. Very simple, it’s very earthy, open, and actually feng shui.

Now, I’m going to recap on some books I’ve read, either this year, or at the tail end of last year, that were very eyeopening for me. If I have a review on it, I’ll link it, so all you have to do is click (or tap) on the title, and you can read my take on the book. In those reviews, I always link it somewhere, to Amazon, so if you want to read it, there’s the link. If I don’t have a review for it, I’ll just link where to buy it on Amazon for you.

Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba
The Unlimited Self by Jonathan Heston
The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle
Fearless and Fabulous by Cara Alwill Leyba
The Soul Searcher’s Handbook by Emma Mildon
Declutter Your Mind by SJ Scott and Barrie Davenport
The Champagne Diet by Cara Alwill Leyba

I hope that you can pull something out of all of this, even if you find out you don’t care for something, someone, or a program/service. I know one thing I do want to try is audiobooks at some point, but am unsure of where I want to place it in my week. I may use it on my one day at work, where I don’t have a podcast to listen to, or when I catch up on certain podcasts (yes I’m that nut who listens to ones from like a year ago. You’d do it too if you worked nights and the radio repeats it’s songs).


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