Tarot Tuesday: 6 Month Outlook and New Spread

So today, I felt like getting back into my tarot readings. Since it’s the start of the second half of the year, I was wanting to do a 3 or 6 month spread, and I found my 6 month spread on my Pinterest board.

I also had added another tarot spread that I wanted to try out, and I love trying them out, and writing on here about them, and my first experiences with them.

The 6 month tarot spread outlook is a 21 card spread, and this other one I’m trying out is a simple 4, covering if I’m on the right path.

I’ll start with the simple 4 card spread.


The first card is where I’m at right now (far left). I got card 3, Medicine Woman for this position. What I’m reading out of this card, is that I am medicating myself, and tending to what I need most at this moment in my journey. With this, I need to keep analyzing and putting to rest, my past and my fear with the future, and keep tending to my mental health.

The second card in this spread, covers where I’m headed, and placed here for me, is the Warrior of Pipes. He compliments my first card. Pipes usually had tobacco, which was a healing element, and used for wellness and rituals in Native American cultures. The aspect of it being the warrior of pipes, is the fact that as my journey continues, I will be my best advocate in my health and well being, as well as my future.

The third card, the top of the arrow, is what is blocking or hindering me. Sitting here, is card 2, Union. I feel as if it’s how I truly see union, versus how the rest of the people around me see union, is my issue, amongst the view of longing to be connected to them, but knowing that I’m not. I need to be constantly aware and okay with my views on marriage and traditionalism in that sense, as I’m more traditional in a lot of other principles. I have some other non-conforming viewpoints in my principles, and since I’m comfortable with those, I need to work on my comfortably with this.

The final card, the bottom of the arrow, is my path. I got contentment in this slot, card 6. This brings me great comfort, as I’ll be contemt in my path, which is something I’ve been striving towards for the past while now. I’ll be successful where I want to be, and just enough where it’s not overwhelming, nor overbearing.


Now, let’s move on to the 6 month reading. This essentially covers July through December, which is a nice insight for the rest of the year. It comes in 3 sections for each month: love, work, and money. Then there’s 3 overall cards, as the last 3 cards, making 21 cards total, for this spread. I’m going to summarize each section for you, instead of drawing it out for length of post’s sake.

The first row (left to right) is love, month one starting on the top left, and month six ending on the top right. Over the course of the next 6 months, leading up to 2018, love will be healing and growing stronger, and shedding all that is false, and not worth while, then closing out the year in a “back to roots” fashion, where it’s simple and straight forward.

The second row (left to right) is work, starting on the second card on the left, right underneath where the love row started, and followed pattern, over to the last card on the second row, underneath where the last card of love ended. During the next 6 months, I will be more secure in what I want to do, and strive for, experience in work, but it’ll turn into a bit of a burden, to get through the start of what I want to try and do. After that though, I’ll be at ease over what I’m doing, and becoming used to what must be done, and what is expected out of me, whether it’s myself or others that are expecting it. I’ll experience innser strength growth in work, and what I want to do, and close out the year, knowing that I’ve gotten some start on my journey and have support in what I’m striving to do.

The last major section for this spread is covering money. This is the last large row of cards, starting from the lower left hand corner, and ending at the lower right hand corner. This is the one I need to address hardcore, and frequently. I’m not horrible with money, but I do have a high standard for keeping up with finances, and I have some newfound opprotunities that are so tempting me to just go and spend on pointless things, rather than strategically spend it on things that will be worth while and more effective.

Ironically, that’s what most of these cards call me to do, is to make sure I’m actively addressing what I’m doing with my budget, and what I want to do, and make a plan. I’ll be doing that right after I finish this post. At least I’m aware, right?

Finally, there’s three additional cards at the end, covering guidance, highlight, and hope, respectively, finishing up the spread. For guidance, I need to remember that I have help. It’s all a team effort and I’m not by myself. I have help to call to, when needed. Highlight is looking at really tapping into what’s going to be the highlight of my life, which is establishing my dream life, and some aspirations. Hope is the final card in this spread, card number 21, and over the next 6 months, I will strengthen my skill set and my connections to help thrust me even further into my best life.

I hope you enjoyed me sharing these two spreads as much as I enjoyed doing them!


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