Uninspired to Re-inspired: July Goals

Ugh, this is where I’m at. I dropped off last month, and here I am. This is rough. I need structure and I suck at adulting, and going for what I want to become. I’ve gotten better at it, I was doing so decent, but then June. I hate warm months, and June got to me for some reason. I did good on my goals, just didn’t blog any, and that’s sad.

I love being creative. I love writing, taking pictures, and stimulation. I love people who are inspired to do what they’re good at. I’ve just been slacking like no other. And it’s bad, for me. Sure, I needed the break, but I should’ve been more assertive, as I’m still establishing myself, and I miraculously have some of you who are interested in what I have to say, even with me taking a weird moth off, with no real posts warning of its coming.

So here I am, July 1st. I want to re-do it all, get back into it (once again), and go back to some roots that I love. I need to find my vibe again for writing, and find some passion, and make my priorities important again. They say slow and steady wins the race, right? So lets go slow and steady the rest of the year.

To be quite honest, I made sure that my re-subscription to keep this site wasn’t hit for auto-renewal over the last few days. I’m at a point where I am unsure where I want to take my brand, and if I want to take it into the future as “PowerGinger”. I have until the end of October to decide how I want to take this site. I want to re-brand in a way, just on how my mind’s been running, and change the title/brand name, and I need to make sure I can transfer this to there, and if I even want to. I love what I do, and I see where ya’ll go to, when you read my stuff. I just want to be honest right now. I may even keep this, and just go to the powergingy.wordpress.com site (the free version of this blog, instead of paying for the un-advertised version.)

With all of that, I still have goals for this month, and want to share with ya’ll. I’m still doing my monthly reads. I’m reading Radical Self Love by Gala Darling. I need some self love lately. I’ve been so about learning, I need to get back into me, and what I love. Another book I’ll be working on is Thank You For Being Late by Thomas L Friedman, which my grandma sent me to read.

I literally just got a camera to play with, so that’s a new mission for this month. I’ve been wanting to get back into photography for like awhile now. I went balls deep in this, and was like “why not?!”. I was talking to a friend and she helped pushed me in the direction, and here I am, finally gotten a camera to play with.

I so love and want to continue my near daily affirmations and gratitude journey. I do 5 gratitude things a day, which has helped me so much, on a personal level. I suggest everyone to do both of these, or at least one of these things near daily. I want to strengthen that routine.

I want to be steady again this month, at least more steady from what I did last month.


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