Thirsty Thursdays: Seagram’s Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka

I haven’t done anything at all in forever, so here I am, switching up my “usual” alcoholic drink day to today, since it isn’t wine. Yes, I’m still a wine lover! But also yes, I drink other things.

If you haven’t already figured out, this is a sweet tea flavored vodka, that you’d spike some sweet tea with. Please don’t drink it straight! I took a sweet tea that was on sale in the cooler section of my Walmart store, near the yogurt section, and mixed the two. I put a shot of the vodka in, to a 8-12 ounce glass, and filled the rest with the sweet tea.

It’s great for those who love sweet tea, and for those who need a sweet (but adult), cool drink during these hot summer months.

Keep in mind, the picture above is mine, and I had bought 2 containers of the sweet tea (the bottle on the left, behind my glass), and what’s been taken out of the vodka lasted me the whole first container of the sweet tea, so I’m not that blasted on this stuff right now, as I just made myself that glass.



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