Focus Fridays: Notes From This Month’s Read

This month, I’m doing a little insight into something I want to more tune into next year, which is podcasting. I’m reading (slowly, really) Podcast Launch on my kindle app (AndroidiOS, and for browser reading). I’ll have the total book review come the last Monday of the month (the 29th for those who love the date).

Today’s topic is sort of a preview, but more on what I’m getting out of the first third of it really, since it kind of is a hands-on book, like some of the others I’ve read this year. I wanted to talk about my overall theme, that I was wanting to project, once I got into podcasting seriously, over the next couple of years and beyond. The first little bit of this book ironically played into today’s post very well.

In this first little bit of the rather easy read, John Lee Dumas (the author), asks 6 questions, for the basis of your podcasting:
-Your niche
-Your avatar, or perfect listener
-Audio or Video based?
-Single host or Co-host?
-Format: Interview style or Topic based?
-Mission Statement

Now all but the last I am for dead certain on, after evaluating based off kind of the previous one. He said to be as specific as possible in the questions that called for it (niche, perfect/idea listener, and mission statement). The only reason why I say I’m not dead certain on my mission statement, is because I’m sure what I have written will evolve a lot better, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing it quite yet, in this stage.

Even only being just over 30% into reading this book (never mind I’ll be reading more of it here shortly), I can say that I’m glad that I’m reading it, and reading it free thanks to Kindle Unlimited.

Now, I don’t want to turn this into a book review, as I am only 30% into this book, and it isn’t the end of the month either! So as a teaser, I’ll end this here, so either go get it, or I guess you can wait till I do my formal book review.


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