Self-Love Sunday: Favorite Things

This year, I made a promise to myself that I would take my self love journey more seriously than I have in the past, even compared to last year. I started last year, on general terms, but never set a goal or plan out on what I wanted to accomplish, or how I was going to go about it. This year, I was going to make time, and find money for it. And I have.

It’s going to be a life long journey, because well, our bodies change as we age. I’ve gone through some stuff already of what I don’t like, and what has worked for a moment, then kind of stopped, I guess, and I’m using it as a back-up, or a tweaked version of what it’s meant for.

One of my favorite self care things, is exploring wine and champagne (bubbly). I’ve lost my weekly routine, because it almost seemed too much when I was doing it, and I didn’t want to not enjoy it, let alone run out of options of it. This month, I’m doing it every other week, which is better for me, let alone my pocketbook. I’m going to kind of pre-write this week’s wine Wednesday, on the note that I’m drinking the bubbly now. I’ll probably get another bottle tomorrow, as I can drink it while editing through my pre-notes for it, and touch up. Or I’ll just write it all then, like I usually do.

Another thing I’ve fallen in love with, is hair masks. I love my hair, playing around with it, and getting it clean and soft. I naturally have rough, decently course hair, for being a white chick, because it’s curly, and red (I believe redheads have drier hair, at least my family does). I’ve been using Paul Mitchell shampoo (my other one, that I use roughly once a week here, and when my scalp feels drier, which causes it to itch more), conditioner/detangler, and I have the Smoothing Serum for when I use heat products. When I run out of my “regular” shampoo, as I call it, I want to try the Smoothing Shampoo, from them, as I love the brand.

I tried them when I was younger, and went vegetarian, because they’re animal friendly, and have loved them ever since, even though I’ve had to go without them since, for awhile. Since I’ve been able to afford and pick out my own products (basically when I got a job 4 years ago), I don’t use anyone but for the staple hair care products.

Now for deep treatment conditioners, and conditioning masks, I like Masqueology moisturizing hair mask. It’s a one time use, and it. is. everything. I use that or SheaMoisture’s shea butter mask each week. This one comes in a jar, and can be used either as a long-setting conditioner, in shower, or as a 30 minute mask. I just recently tried it as the 30 minute mask, and my hair turned out as soft as the first one I mentioned.

The long-setting conditioner is great for soothing your hair in a short amount of time, but it keeps your hair soft about a day longer if you do the 30 minute treatment. I can usually get a day out of the short time, and 2 on the 30 minute, if I work (the air quality at work is very recycled air, so not the best), and if I do the 30 minute one on my first day off, I can get it to last the whole 3 days till I go back to work, and work.

Now for face, I’m still figuring some things out, in terms of my under eye treatments and fine lines for where crow’s feet form, as I look like I rose from the dead each day (that’s what night shift does to a pale girl like me). I do really like using Pond’s anti-aging creme. It’s light weight, and not greasy at all, as I’m sure the rest of their line would be the same. I got the larger jar, and you barely have to use a thing out of it, just barely what your index finger can hold is plenty. It also allows your face to breathe, and it doesn’t seem to clog pores, as per my skin not feeling like it’s unable to breathe.

I usually take a tad extra out of my jar, to put down my neck and hands, as the directions say to put down to your collar bone, and from what I understand, you should be using your facial moisturizer on your hands, as they both age the same.

I had tried L’Oreal Paris’ anti-wrinkle cream 25+, prior to Pond’s, and I liked it, but it was a little too slippery-like for me, on waiting for it to dry. I use it occasionally now, just so I can finish the jar. I also get more for my money out of the Pond’s jar than I do L’Oreal’s.

For most days in winter, I apply Neutrogena’s body oil post shower, which is plenty enough for everything but my feet, south of my neck. I’ll even rub my face and neck post rubbing it in on my body, to add some extra moisture on my face. My new-ish favorite regular lotion, for areas that get super dry in winter (around my nails, elbows, knees, and my forever-dry bottoms of feet), I’ve been using SheaMoisture’s All Over Body Lotion.

Now on my forever dry feet, which has been really since I moved back out here, to the NE USA (Ok, I’m in PA, so not super NE, but still), and working on my feet for the past 4 years on my feet. Let me tell ya, this is rough, because my feet are rough. They’ve gotten better though, with recent feet masks, that lotion I just mentioned, and a PedEgg. I’ve never seen a foot mask until very recently, at my work (WalMart). This Masqueology 3 pack foot mask has been everything, even though I’ve only used 2 so far. I’ll do this as I do my 30 minute hair mask, and it makes my feet feel and look as though I’ve been carried around most of my life, not as though I’ve been an active person most of my life.

After taking the plastic casing off that has the magic in it, I’ll rub it in more, like the directions say, and put my feet into my slippers, and give them a moment to finish absorb it, then put the all over body lotion on my feet, then slip my slippers on till I get too overheated, and my feet are so “normal”, that I can’t begin to tell you how lovely it is. Even if your feet aren’t really bad, just use the foot mask every so often, and you won’t mind your feet as much!

That is my self-love/care routine so far, when it comes to moisturizing, and it’s working out so nicely. I’ll usually pair a regular face mask in while I’m waiting on my hair masks and foot mask to set, which I just kind of pick what feels good that week. I’ve written enough here, to hopefully help someone out!


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