Sabbath Saturdays: Personal Spirituality

We know how I feel about organized religions, and I’ve mentioned where I have been on my spiritual journey before, but it’s been awhile since I’ve played catch up with ya’ll, excluding my forever long book review on The Power of Now.

That book truly did open my eyes to wording how I felt, in a much more mature way, of how I see the presence of God. It helped me on the aspect of closing some doors, that were cracked, on religion. The only thing I can truly say about how I feel, since reading and experiencing that book, is that I’m a lot more at peace spiritually and soulfully than what I was prior to reading that book.

Spiritually, I’ve also taken hints from the mini series Back to Basics from Aileen’s Lavendaire YouTube channel. I found her last year, from talking with a friend, and couldn’t get enough of her. My spirituality needs to bring me joy, and I should just be able to just be. I’ve gotten so much closer to where I want to be spiritually, and in part, this series paired very well with the timing of last month’s book read.

Talking with my dad last Monday, let alone overall this year, as we’re reading a book together, has also helped as well. It helps with our own bond, and it helps with the fact that he and I are both so open minded on most things religion. He and I find our spirituality on different notes, his lies in Christian based faith, not so much the whole going to church and studying the bible thing, but what the core values are, and what he’s taken from the bible, and live them. You’re seeing where I’m at, in this whole journey.

I do take and appreciate what good each religion teaches (or tries to), and that’s the only reason why we should have religion. It’s the reminder, like a child’s story, to be a decent human being, and what roles certain people have in the community.

On that note, I’ll end it here, as this is really just a brief catch-up for ya’ll.


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