Thinking Thursday: Lifestyle Changes

So a lot has changed for me this year, with actually going through with goals, and being proactive with going through on plans. Things have and haven’t worked, and things have fell through, and some have looked like they were going to fall through, then come back to life somehow. I’ve shared a lot of my story on here with you guys, which is half of the beauty.

I’m at a point in my life, this year, where I’ve been developing a new routine, and creating certain routines based off of things I’ve tried that haven’t worked out, such as my hair care routine, which is pretty well set in stone, and my moisturizing routine, which still needs some work, but way better than what I started the year with.

My biggest routine change has been more recently, which is my post work morning routine. I work nights, so I get home after 7 am my time (Eastern time here in the States), and I stay up the morning, into early afternoons, and sleep most of the afternoon, into the evenings, then work. My old routine went something like: get home, shower and cook (or the other way around, if I was that hungry, or babe was really), then go and watch the two shows from the night before, if it was Thursday or Friday morning (I don’t work Monday and Tuesday nights), then either blog on here, or veg out on social media. On weekends, I’d be more on YouTube, and social media, and blog on here.

Now my routine is developing because the one show that I was watching before, went off air, and the other one wasn’t really worth watching anymore. Since I don’t have those 2 hours of fillers to look forward to anymore, I’m trying to figure out what I want to fill my time with, and assess which goals are important to me, to accomplish. I’ve recently started focusing on things that I may need or want to develop and get into, for the animal shelter babe and I want to establish here in the next decade or so.

Babe and I have talked about the fact that we want to make an online presence for the shelter, like most do in the field. I know I need to look into seminars, and teach myself some of what it takes to run a business, including some classes on business and social media/marketing. I’d rather do bulk seminars, where it’s anywhere from a weekend thing to 5-10 series, instead of a degree, because why do we need to take general education prior to the core of our major? I can see some basic classes, if you’ve been out of school for awhile, as a refresher, but other than a 101 type class, I’ve never understood it.

Another thing with my routine, is reading more. I’ve read 4/4 books for this year, and that helps a lot, especially over the last couple months for me. I’ve gotten into more techy stuff lately as well, as I’m wanting to get into podcasting. I want to add that to this brand, and want it to be established to have it with the shelter brand, so I can take people (hopefully some of you) on the journey of owning a shelter and helping animals. This month I’m reading a podcasting book, to go along with the theme of getting a prep start for next year. I am planning on making podcasting my big goal next year.

I haven’t really expanded much more past that, because life has been rather hectic for me, and that in and of itself is plenty for now. I do want to get into reaching out to see if I can start doing reviews, and when and where I can start earning money from my brand, if I can get certain people on here guest posting, or on my future podcast, and how to become better at targeting what I like to talk about, and what you all like, and what more people are interested in, and what I can provide.

Ugh so much for so little time, and this year is going by so fast!


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