Tarot Tuesday: Trying Out Another Spread

Today, I’ll be diving into a 10 card spread, over what is binding me. The spread is also nicknamed the handcuff spread, as what the image entails from Pinterest (see my whole board here).


This is what my spread is looking like today, in the layout for this spread. Lets walk through what which position is looking into, then what I’m getting out of my reading.

There are 10 cards, starting from the bottom, then a dual layer, cards 2 (left), 3 (right), then climbing up with cards 4-7, with cards 8 (left) and 9 (right) making the second dual layer, then finally having card 10 as the peak of the spread.

For this layout, it’s a yin-yang type of thing. It looks at 5 aspects of your life, in what’s holding you back, then the respective, what is the key to unlocking that (hence the handcuff part, of keys, plus the layout). It starts with general growth (cards 1,2), then moves to emotions (cards 3,4), the movement of self (5,6), happiness (7,8), then concludes with spiritual growth, as the final two cards at play.

This is where you get to hear my feedback, to what I’m getting out of this reading. I’ll start with card 1 (obviously), and work my way up.

6: Contentment. This one is a screaming easy one. I’m hindering my growth through contentment. If I want to grow, I have to add some tension and get out of my comfort zone. I had breakfast with my dad today, and ironically this was brought up, not in myself, but in my mother (they’re divorced).

Chief of Blades. This one is a tough one for me to look at, as it’s supposed to be a sign to unlocking my growth. I’m going to come back to him. *Now coming back to this. I need to be chief of what I want to go after, explore, and how/when/where I’d like to grow.

2: Union. Emotionally, I keep holding back to things that I was raised under, like religion and a lot of their ideologies. So my union with religion, as toxic as it was, it still is, and I need to open up to end that union.

4: Pregnancy. Now I did think negatively when I saw her in my spread, but I have to correct myself, knowing to look deeper into her use here.  She doesn’t mean actual pregnancy, but building life. I need to re-seed, and grow.

16: The Tower. Part of me sees the aspect of work and labor. The other part of me sees literal structure here.This is about the self, me, and part of it is my physical exhaustion from working retail labor. It leaves me tired and in pain, and in a way, I’ve let it drain my self. This is where the structure part comes in for me. This goes back to the contentment card, being the first.

Warrior of Blades. Like the contentment issue, I have to fight it, and choose it every day. I have to trust myself in such a way, to where I can branch out and just find what I need to do to be better.

7: Trail of Tears. My happiness feels as though I’m following a crowd in a lot of ways. Probably a sign affirming me that a social media break would be beneficial for awhile. I need to assess what truly makes my soul happy, and go after it more.

Maiden of Shields. I should look into nature as a building block, and what women used to do as a whole, especially knowing that I have a lot of old school values and curiosity. I’m not an old soul, just learned from some, and I need to seek out that part of myself, to reassess what truly brings me joy.

3: The Craftsman. This is the perfect card in a way, for this. I’m not crafty as I wish to be, and with retail labor, I don’t get to add the love and passion into what I do, because it’s industrialized. Thant’s hindering me, and the lack of effort to learn craftsmanship.

Warrior of Shields. I need to be my own warrior to my spirituality, and learn the things that I should, that would bring me joy and bring me closer to my spirituality and my true presence. Simple but oh so rough at times.


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