A Little Less Mindful Monday, A Little More Book Review

So I’m totally late on mindful Monday, but the day’s not over till Hawaii crosses midnight, right?! Nonetheless, I will write the much promised book review of The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. Let me start by saying that I now see why everyone who has read it, suggests it (well those that I know), and I can totally see where Tolle is one of the prominent spiritualists of our time, let alone in modern history. This was THE book for me, right when I needed it the most, for spirituality. I know I’ve explored some things along the way, and I will take all the good, and what I enjoy from those explorations, but the Power of Now is basically how I’ve always viewed spirituality, put into an actual palatable format, instead of my usual bowl of fruit loop type of explanation. I can now say to others, when asked, to just read this book, if they haven’t yet, and that’ll explain how I see things, and where I’m at in my journey. I don’t have any idea why I waited so long to read it, but I’m glad I finally did!

I do have to start my conversation on the book like this: Tolle starts out mentioning that the symbol he has chosen, you’re strongly suggested to take a breather from reading, and really meditate and absorb all of what he had just said. DO IT. I couldn’t imagine just straight reading that book, because that would defeat half of it. Let it draw you into the now, and let it just be. I probably would’ve gotten only a quarter out of the book if I had ignored his symbol, let alone doing what I actually did. I took the whole month to read it, as not only did I meditate on what all I had just absorbed, but like he mentioned while explaining the symbol, I took the extra time to not let myself get too overwhelmed in a sense on what all he was addressing, and when something resonated with me, or that I desperately needed to hear, I paused on my own accord there as well, regardless of where that symbol was.

Now, even though I’ll disclose what some of my highlights were from reading this, I do strongly suggest just reading it yourself, as what I took out of it will not be all of what you’ll need from it. This is the first book for me, that I can strongly feel that I will go back and read again, at a later date, as I’ll develop in my journey, and need to hear it in a different light, when I get to that moment of now.

I’ve changed how I want to word things so much from reading this. Noticed how in the last paragraph, I said “the moment of now” instead of the future. We need to readdress how we perceive things, and what words we use to try to express ourselves, and what is going on. Most of it, truly after reading this, is losing our predisposition on a lot of “high value” words, as I like to see them now. Words that I’m getting at here, are words like god/God, future, past, faith, religion, and anything else of the like.

Personally, living in the now, is a work in progress, which is what the now is, at least in my viewpoint. Why? Because the now is always a work in progress, since it’s forever now. The now will never end, which means it’s “in progress”, “processing”, and always open to new things and ideas. That is part of why I can feel myself coming back to this book and looking at it again, as what you’ll gather from reading it, the mind/ego is a little cunning devil per se, and in a way, will help me put it back in it’s place, let alone the fact that I’ll be able to even more relate to some of what Tolle has to say in the book.

On a side note, he has a follow up book, which I want to add to my ever growing list of want to read on Wunderlist, one of 2 favorite apps so far, which is supposed to be merging with Microsoft’s to-do task manager program, which is a boo from me. My other favorite app for this year so far, SimpleNote, I have a whole note saved under what all I enjoyed out of this book. I’m letting my dad read the book, as I feel he’d gain so much from it. One day, after him finishing it, I hope to converse with him, and if I need any pointers, I have that note to look back to.

The Power of Now is such an influential book, that each person takes different things from it, that all I can say is, actually read it for yourself. Even if it’s something you know/find out that you don’t agree with or care for, you gained something from it. I’ve been more true to myself this past month just by reading it, and absorbing what he had to say about things, than I have been in a while. Like Tolle said in this book, you aren’t you until you live in the now. Don’t live in the past, you’re not there anymore. Don’t try to project yourself into the future, you’re not there yet. Live right now, and take everything from it, and continue to do that. When you notice you’re not doing that, take a moment to breathe and get back into the now, and be. Take each moment for what it is, and run with it.

In a way, apply a minimilistic mentality to how you view, deal, and think, let alone how you interact with the past and future, because you can’t change the one, and the other hasn’t happened yet. The only way to make a better future, is to be in the now fully, and eventually you’ll “get there” to whatever it is in the future anyway.

I totally recommend this book for literally anyone and everyone, regardless of what your mind is looking for. I know, walking into reading this, my mind had “made up it’s mind” on why I was reading this, and what it was hoping for, and that’s okay. I’m sure you’re in the same boat, if you haven’t read it yet, and were in the same boat, if you have read it. This book is so good, that if read properly, you’ll work past that without even realizing it!


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