April Review and May Goals

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing my book review, of The Power of Now, which I took the whole month to read, and meditate over. In my private mastermind group on Facebook, today is our April Review day (It’s on the last Sunday of each month, or about…always on a Sunday). I’ve never actually attended the live chat for it, but feel like I should today. I’ll write this, shower, and nap till then, and do the live chat group, because I do want to experience it, and since I am apart of the group, I do want to participate in it, to get as much out of it (let alone the real goal of it all, which is making 2017 a memorable year).

Today, this post is my blog version of what later will entail, of that live chat. I want to review for myself, what April was for me, and what I’m aspiring May will have. May is really the last month of spring, and even though I don’t like the thought of Summer coming around here directly, I do love the fact that this spring has been very true to what I love-coolish weather, and lots of rain and overcast days.

April wasn’t nearly as bad for me as March was (read here), but it was a little rough around the edges. It was kind of expected, as nothing is ever a dramatic flip. I’m glad it’s now out of the way. Babe had his surgeon check-up, that disclosed that he didn’t need the exploratory surgery, which is a plus (saves us money, vacation time, and grief), but we needed the contact information of the closest relative or the like (other than myself), for the loan/payment plan for the rest of his dental work, and we didn’t have it, so we still have to go up and do that, before he gets his dental work done.

That was more towards the beginning of the month, so I was still feeling overwhelmed in a lot of ways from it. With that, I didn’t order any checks for babe, before I mailed out the last one for our rent (we live in a small town…5,500 people, so we still use checks and snail mail), and I ordered the wrong checks, which were my account numbers, but his name (he’s not on my account), so that was a half a fiasco, where I lost 1/3 of my savings account to cover the rent. So now that goal is a little behind, as I haven’t been able to put anything in there this month, to basically save myself in other bills. I do have his actual checks now, which helps.

Now, for the good end of April. I finally read The Power of Now, like I mentioned earlier. I have taken so much from it, and will share everything I have, tomorrow. Let’s just say that I joined the bandwagon of loving it. We also sold babe’s car that was giving us trouble late last year, to a coworker/friend of ours, for scrap. I just need to get the title from the State, which entails babe getting a notary to put their stamp of approval on his signature, as I kind of lost the title to it. So we don’t have to worry about that anymore. My credit is also going up pretty well now too. I started my credit building journey last summer, so it’s been about a year, and other than my history length, I’m on the high end of good, if not in the excellent category. When I cosign on babe’s loan, that’ll help me on the history as well.

To continue on my credit topic, I do want to use it to upgrade my laptop that I’m using. I’ve had the one I’m using for about 2 1/2 years now, and as much as it suits most of my needs, it’s slowing down, and it’s not what I want it to be. It’s done great for the price point, and as a general whole, of what I need it for. I just want something bigger and better in a way. I want it to last through the year at least, which will be more towards where the end of my loan is. I am looking into a Macbook, because everyone who has one, loves theirs, no matter if they’re on their first or their third model. They truly last, and my other apple products haven’t failed me, when I used them.

When I get to a better standing on my credit, when we’re most of the way through babe’s dental loan, and whatever financing I get for my next laptop, I do want to go for contract phones and a credit card, not in any order there. It’ll most likely be the contract phones first, unless I get the credit card, then put the contracted phones on the card. We’re already on half dino phones (Samsung galaxy S4), but when you’re a broke b*tch, you’re a broke b*tch.

Anyway, enough about long term goals- let’s get onto what I want to focus on in May, as tomorrow’s the first. 20170430_094207

So this is my lovely calendar. You’ve seen my whiteboard calendar before. I’ve had it forever, and love it. I used to write other stuff in the left column, but this month, I decided I’d start writing my theme for that month. The last couple months, I’ve been using it for fitness, but this month I’ve made it my theme to get back to my basics and roots, and I wanted to make that a point. I’ve let this blogsite kind of sit the last couple months, even though I do post more regularly than like in 2016, but that’s not the point…I want to be more active. I do want to make this, more my brand, my thing, and depend less on my retail job, or any other job, to bring me a sense of satisfaction and hopefully income, as I have set up a Patreon, in hopes that it’ll be around for awhile, as I explore and expand.

I have been heavily considering starting up podcasting, as I have been wondering about a YouTube channel, but with all of the changes there, I don’t want to rely on that company for videos. I do want to eventually get to a video-based thing, whether YouTube, or the next platform. To start though, I want to go into podcasting within the next year. This month I’ll target my exploring mind into the world of podcasting, and see what I need, and where I can go. It won’t be for awhile till I’ll actually get everything set up, but I’ll take you on my journey of exploring it, as long as you’re willing to keep up with it!

With May being here, I want to get back to my roots for this year. I calmed the waves during April, so I need some shaking off the bad vibes “ness” as I say. I want to reconnect with ya’ll on here, and I know that this will help me refresh and simplify my desires and outlook. Now that I have a lot of free time to re-establish my routine, what better month than May? What a better time, than now really?

As you can see from my whiteboard, I’ll be taking you though my journey this month, on exploring the podcasting stuff, on top of getting back into some Sabbath Saturdays, wine reviews, and self care and mindful vibes, which is what this year is all about for me. I’ll still be trying out some tarot spreads, to share with ya’ll, since it seems to be a good setting for a handful of ya’ll.

I really do love the fact that no matter what I post, I see that I’ve picked a good start to my journey, and there’s plenty out there who enjoy my rambling on here. Thank you so much, and I’ll see you back ’round here tomorrow, for my book review!


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