Wine Wednesday: Glen Ellen Cabernet Sauvignon and a Contemplation

Described as a juicy berry and black cherry wine, with soft tones of tannins and a smoother finish, which this does live up to the name. It pairs well with a mushroom dish nicely, or a slow-cooked stew, which would be great to add a splash, I’m sure.

I’ve never tried this brand of Cabernet Sauvignon in stew, but I’m sure it’d be no different than any other brand. I got the 2010 1.5L bottle, but images on Google are coming up with a 2014 pressed one as well, if you like newer aged wines.

Now, as I have a glass in tow, I do want to add some personal thoughts to some things that have come up recently, that I haven’t covered/commented on, and would love to.

I should wait till Trump Tuesday, but I’m a day late and a dollar short. There’s going to be plenty more to talk to next week about it, but I want to breifly touch on it. I’ll go into better detail next week on it, from what I’ll research, let alone if anything new comes out on phase one of 3.

If you haven’t half caught the drift, I’m talking about the repeal and replace of Obamacare/Affordable care act. It’s basically been talked about as Obamacare2.0 or ObamacareLite. It’s totally fitting, from what little I’ve seen so far disclosed about it. It’s not what we wanted, when we, as non-progressives (or ones who are less about where the “progressive” left wants to go), voted last November. We wanted a joint Congress that would aide our new President, in actually repealing and replacing the ACA, and come up with something actually different, not worded differently, or at least let us go back to pre-ACA/Obamacare days.

Keep in mind, I was just a child in the pre-Obama days, I was in 7th grade during the 2008 elections, and until then, didn’t pay any attention at all. I paid more attention once I got into high school, but not near as much as any of us should. The stuff we were being taught and my post-school activities were more important to me, other than my moment in speech and debate.  I don’t know what pre-Obamacare days really did, in terms of the working people, only going to the doctor for a checkup for cheer and band, and getting medication for mental illnesses, and seeing the school therapist.

I’ll save the rest of my comments for next Tuesday, so be on the lookout.

On another note, another thing I want to talk about, which I really don’t know where to fit, is this “new found” WikiLeaks deal, about Vault 7, year Zero.

Now I’m no typical Republican Conservative. I align mostly right on a lot of points, but on anything choice mattered, I’m always pro-choice, as each person and scenario is different. I am pro-choice on guns, marriage, abortion, and schooling.

I’m pro-2A personally, working on my own issues to better be prepared to own. I personally don’t believe in marriage for myself, as the construct for marriage should be seperated for Church and State, and the context of religion shuns my kind (sexuality), so why do I need to marry because of something I don’t practice anyway. I’m pro-abortions where the mother can’t afford a healthy life for her and her child, where the literal health is at stake, or it’s not right, as birth control is not 100% effective, and I don’t want to tell anyone to not please themselves, if they feel comfortable with their mate. School choice should be decided by the parent at start, and evolve throughout the child’s school career, to get the best educational experience, that is available to the family.

With that, I see, enjoy, and want, the smallest involved government involved in people’s day to day life, as possible. We choose the government, the government doesn’t choose us. For me, that’s saying that the people choose what should be in place, not the government. That’s why we have the Republic that we do.

Back to my point, these Wikileaks should’ve been assumed and expected. Ed Snowden pointed out in 2013 that a division of the government is spying excessively on it’s own people. The easiest way (if you have been under a rock for the last 4 years), I’d say, is to watch the new-release movie, Snowden. I understand people that are checked for certain markers. I understand maybe every National Cencus, do a general overlook, and go from there. But spying on more people than you ought, is costing us, as a nation, our actual security. Look at what our state is, since Snowden’s release on the matter.

Personally I don’t see him as a traitor, as he brought to light a matter that shouldn’t have existed, and showing us the issues that lie and may lie within our own government. We, who elect our leaders, have a right to know what the people in charge are doing, and relatively how they’re doing it. I’m not saying to a pinpoint note of it, but a general thing.

With this whole new Wikileaks, why is this new news or looked over so much, where this is a shock?! With Snowden’s release some 4 years ago, does it really shock anyone that the government is spying through phones, laptops, TV sticks, and smart TV’s? It shouldn’t. I think one should’ve been able to connect the dots on what the journalists released, from Snowden’s files, and something like this, to the car hacking, to know where you go, via your car computer chip.


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