Trumping Tarot Tuesday

Seeing as now that Trump has been our president for just over his first work week, I feel the need to do my take on what we may see throughout the next 4 years with him, through the eyes of my tarot deck. We all have our outlook on what will happen, but the only true thing is, is that time will tell us what actually happens, no matter how we try to plan, protest, and talk about it.

I saved this tarot outlook to my tarot spread board on Pinterest. This will be the one I’m doing today. I love Pinterest, and love trying all the things I do save, which I really do need to go back in, and mention that I have tried more of them. So let’s get started, shall we?

I’m doing my own take on what she did, right after the announcement of Trump’s election as POTUS. I’m taking this tarot spread, and applying it from February to January of 2018. It’s a circle spread, 12 in the round, with one in the middle, making my lucky number, the most unlucky of them all, 13.


The first month starts at the far west of the spread (9 o’clock, mine is 3, Craftsman, for the literal card). It rotates clockwise, and the 13th card (center), gives an overall view of the year. Let’s dig into each card!

The first month card, which is very fitting, for what President Trump has done with the past week. It’s Craftsman, like I had just mentioned above. I know pipeline issues are a hot topic over the last year or so, like DAPL, and the Keystone pipeline, but we all can’t deny that with Trump allowing these to continue, that labor jobs like these are a craft. Talk to people or search about what it takes to be a welder, or any other job influenced by the pipelines.

Our second month, presented to me, is (16) the Tower. It’s basically bringing down the establishment, something that I, and a lot of people, feel like needs to happen. It was shown how much we weren’t for the establishment, over the 2016 election, such as candidates like Trump, who made presidency, and the ideas that Bernie Sanders was projecting (most people I know on the left, were for him, versus Clinton). It’s all about bringing down what doesn’t fit, or is long over due. I guess we’ll see, as he’s already added Obamacare/ACA to his list, already, which in some fashion, you can’t deny is an establishment of the Democratic party (if Hillary would’ve won in ’08, or ’12, she’d do a similar, called HillaryCare).

The third month, is the Warrior of Blades, which I pull energies from Trump may have to dodge, or shield, from something. He has the skills and strength to do so, shield and do whatever April may bring him. Yet it’ll be something like so far, something that he’s going to be doing these next two months, before this issue comes into play for him, in April.

To mark the second quarter of Trump’s presidency, we have the Scout as the card. This makes so much sense, as a lookout, for having to dodge certain things, from last month, and trying to break down the establishment as we know it, on both sides. He has to go on the lookout, for ways to fix things, without relying too much on the old ways, to be a total hypocrite. I can see taking the good out of what’s been, as that’s the brilliant way to do it. That’s what we’re supposed to do, regardless of anything.

After all of that, we have the Ace of Shields, after all of that. This is where I hope, we shield more of America, for the sake of our country. We need to shield of anything that would pollute us of not finding ourselves again, something we have been putting off as a nation, for far too long. I fear though, that with this, Trump will shield some things, as an overall ordeal. To what, we’ll all have to wait till June to see it all play out.

July’s card, makes some of my minute anxieties about June, play more into my mind, as the card is Horse Thief. First note is the fear that whatever he shields, isn’t the greatest thing. But my second thought, trying to keep open minds all around, and positivity, he may be “stealing” things that are good, that have worked, going back to a couple month’s ago stance, on the establishment. We have to be realistic, and take into consideration previous cards, and things that are playing out.

For something that will need to happen, my spread called out the Silence (not the Silence you forgot about just now, from Doctor Who. What? What was that?), after all of that. Silence is actually a good thing, so don’t worry. I know Trump’s like a little kid, and silence seems like a bad thing, but he’ll be growing by then, and hopefully silence by then, will be a reflection, and an inward look for him, to look back on what he’s done, and what he should be doing.

The closing for the second third of the year, under Trump, we have the Chief of Shields. The card has the chief on a horse, with him looking back, with a shield protecting his torso area. I would only like to assume, that with the kind of person he is, he has to watch his back, on whatever does play out during the months leading up to September. I guess we’ll have fun, seeing and debating on who all he has to look out for, as Commander in Chief.

The final card for the 3rd quarter of his first year in office, we have the Corn Dance card. It’s fitting for October, as it’s the tail end of crop season. Hopefully Trump will bring us enough “crops” to last us through the late fall, and into winter.

To start his last quarter of his first year, he has to reflect on his journey, as the Journey card is presented to me, at this point. We need to frequently assess our journeys, including Trump. I hope by then, he has some knowledge of his presidency journey, and where to look, for the next 3 years at least.

The sled card is such a good fit for December, as it’s depicting snow, a sled, and the leader. Trump will have to endure the winter somehow, and having a strong team (the sled dogs), will be his only way. During his reflection periods, I hope he is able to clearly see who is his strongest people, to work with and seek help from.

Wrapping up the year, we have Trump’s final card as Harvest. He will reap what he sows over this next year, when we come out on the other side. Whatever it may be, we have to watch, and do what we can, that will actually help. We as a whole will reap what we harvest, how we handle what Trump does as our new president.

As a clarifier, making this a 13 card spread, we have the Maiden of Blades. We have to be strong on him, and he has to be strong on what actually gets done. He needs to cut off things that don’t service us well, as a nation, and I hope he does just that, no matter how hard that may be.

We’ll be okay, I promise. We’ll make it through it all, and it’s not as bad as you think it’ll be, and yes, it’s not as great as you think it is either. Just learn to let it be as it will, and do what you can, and go with what you can’t change.


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