Sunday Funday: Looking at Movies

With all that is and has been going on regarding politics (the last 6 months at least), government, and anything to do with issues with the government over the last decade or so, you can’t ignore some issues. One thing lately, is the “Russian” hacking (it was some hacking issue, not personally sold on Russia part) of the US election, to support the winning of Donald Trump. I understand their fear and issues with our election, regarding especially with a second round of a Clinton administration underway, if she would’ve won. No one understands better than the Russians, of the fear they had during the 90’s. Can you really blame them, if you objectively look at any country.

With that, you should know I finally rented the movie “Snowden”. This is my Sunday Funday. I paid for it free, via google play emails, claiming my free “money” credits, via general store purchases, or TV/movie ones as well. “Snowden” is based off of the real life story of Ed Snowden, how he told us civilians, that the NSA was spying on us, under the “secret court” FISC.

If you haven’t heard of the man, his story, please watch, or google him. The movie is a go to, as a visual learner myself. Follow him on Twitter @Snowden.


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