Follow Me Fridays: Lavendaire

For this week’s follow me Friday, I’m going to be talking about a wonderful lady, who I’ve probably talked about before. Her name is Aileen, and her lifestyle blogYouTube channel, and social medias, are all Lavendaire. She loves lavender, can’t you tell? Most of the time, you’ll find her hair a pastel purple.

Part of the reason why I’m writing this, is the fact that she also created an “Artist of Life” workbook for 2017, that I purchased. She includes a webinar, and access to a private Facebook group for live Q&A’s, and a community to help each other, for others who have also purchased the workbook. I’m not being paid, or was asked to promote for her, but this is just something that I’m going to be working through and doing. I would like to think that for the handful who read my posts, maybe you, or someone you may know, may be interested in something like her channel, let alone journeying through her workbook.

It’s near the start of the year, and the things I’ve taken from Aileen’s videos and the podcasts I’ve listened to, over the past year, has been nothing but great and helpful, to my outlook since, and my outlook for 2017.

She has a taste of Minimalism to her, but like she’s even said, it’s her journey and take on it, and it’s a lot more realistic, than literally living on nothing. She’s lived with people (her mom, and her brother I believe, when he’s home), and still pulled it off. She has a lot of thoughts and gifts she’s gotten from it though, that she shares, let alone everything else she’s learned over the years.

Everyone can learn a little something, from something she’s broadcasted on her channel or blog. Go take a look for yourself!


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