Try Things Thursday: More Bread

So I’ve turned into a bread person…oops. I’ve been so into baking, well really learning how to bake homemade, from scratch recipes, this season. Although I can’t just sit at home and bake galore (if anyone wants to pay me, contact me please!), I am making progress, I promise! I’m rather glad that I’ve turned to homemade, from scratch recipes though. Learning to be healthier, I have become more aware of what goes into my body, and making things at home, versus frozen foods/half homemade foods like Hamburger Helper esque meals, let alone take out foods/delivery, or always eating out, is nice. I can see what goes into my body, and I feel so much nicer, overall. I know I’m not perfect though…haven’t started homemade wine and getting off of the soda train (coffee makes me poop too much to rely on for caffeine content).

This week, I made 3 different breads, 2 dessert-like, and one more dinner-roll like. We had a potluck at work, and what better way to display by “baking through winter” mindset, than having my coworkers suffer through my baking tries? Just kidding! But they did seem to like my breads I brought last night.

Their least favorite, because we all know I should end on the positive note of the night, was the dinner-roll like bread, which is fine by me. Part of the reason I took that bread, was for the couple diabetics we have at work. I don’t like to exclude them, although I could’ve made a sweet-alternative bread dish. The one coworker actually looks after his sugar issue pretty decently, I’d say, at least compared to the other who drinks a diet soda while virtually eating a twinkie. We all know that person. I know someone other than myself tried it, as I know I didn’t eat that large of a piece, and our “better taking care of my diabetes” coworker was there as well, so I would hope it was him.

The least favorite bread, was a rosemary-olive oil bread. Personally, even though I wanted high hopes for this bread, I knew making it, it’d probably be the least favorable. I know, that even though I provided some butter, I know one of my coworkers tried it. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. I just hope our diabetic coworker tried some too. A girl can hope…

The second favorite, was the double chocolate zucchini bread. This was the one I was actually worried about. Not so much as to people liking it, but as to not liking it. It got a good bit eaten, and the little bit of feedback I got, they said it was good, moist, and cakey, which was what it looked like while I was mixing it, very cakey. I’m just glad it was very true to colors. Personally, it didn’t taste too bad myself (not an often eater of chocolate sweets like that). Just not something that I’d eat more than twice a year, fearing diabetes from that alone.

The favorite, which I only scored a bite out of, other than the 2 I brought home, was my lemon-blueberry bread. I didn’t add a lemon glaze, as I made these before sleeping for work. It was very good, and very smooth. Other than my mom’s explanation, of people are getting burned out on chocolates, and want a little something different, but still sweet, that’s all I have to offer as to why it was a success.

Everyone who tried my breads, said that they were good, and they enjoyed the ones they tried. This I’m happy for. I love feedback, where I can do better with. I love even more, where I’m doing good with what I’m trying. If anyone wants the recipes I used here, find me on Pinterest, Google+, or Instagram (link’s here, in this post)


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