Ending Notes

So not much has happened lately, to really spark me here...close calls, but it was always at the wrong place and time. But tonight's topic hits me close to home, really well. Yesterday was Memorial Day here in the States. I paid homage to the fallen, went out to my younger sister's last parade for … Continue reading Ending Notes



So I feel nearly compelled to write this heart filled, all feelings, based post. Now I want to make this clear: the people I let into my life, and those I talk to over text, every now and again (more friends on Whatsapp to be honest...my family doesn't really do the text thing outside of … Continue reading Society

Why I choose

I was on the route to telling my readers why I choose my political party, but the last day or two has also made me realize I should also do a basis on why I choose anonymity. Now sure, ya'll who follow me on Twitter (@power_gingy) have seen what I look like, and being a … Continue reading Why I choose