Beliefs in the Bathroom

Okay, I know I'm fashionably late with writing a commentary post about this topic, and I have some different, yet half valid points I want to share about it. Now I know everyone has different stances, and reasons for feeling the way they do, but this is how I feel it should be: Men use … Continue reading Beliefs in the Bathroom


Stoned Politics

So as I posted on Twitter over this past weekend, I wanted to write a once and for all segment (other than if something drastic in legislation happened), covering Marijuana. Now I don't know it all, know too much, but I am learning and growing. That's in part why I did what turned into a … Continue reading Stoned Politics

Politics and PA Primaries

First off, I want to share my first time voting endeavour. I will be posting another blog about another politic-savvy topic tomorrow, so watch out for that! Today was Pennsylvania's primary election. I voted for the first time. I was registered for the 2012 election, but barely made the cut for the general, so primary … Continue reading Politics and PA Primaries

Elections and Taxes

Ok, I'm not going to start out saying that phony quote thing of "I hate to talk about politics", because first off, well, it's election season, second off, I'm not afraid to talk about it and debate responsibly, and third, this is a sudden irritation. I really don't know why I get on Facebook each … Continue reading Elections and Taxes


No, this isn't a discriminatory post about fat people (as I'm no size 0 myself), but rather a post that was more favored over a couple day poll on my Twitter account (@power_gingy). It's a food post! This time (as I'm bound to make more posts along the line about food, I'm sure), I want … Continue reading Faturday

(Un)Focused Friday

This is something that just sparked my brain, as today for some odd apparent reason, along with natural hormones as a female coming into play, my mental issues and progression come to a stand-by. I wanted to write about it, to help me push through it, and it seems to already be helping. I first … Continue reading (Un)Focused Friday

First World Pleas

So even though I was trying to settle down for bed, a post by Anonymous (off of the @GroupAnon account, anywho) intrigued me, and as I started getting a gist of all the post was going to be about, I started to have that plea cry within me, crying out to the gods, "When will … Continue reading First World Pleas

Third Wheels

So, as I was finishing watching Tomi's show, I got onto Facebook, to see what feedback I got while I was sleeping, and to see if a friend from HS wouldn't mind talking for a few, amongst other things, like checking my email. I saw a different HS friend post some pictures of her and … Continue reading Third Wheels

It’s Monday, Let’s go

So I tweeted (@power_gingy) earlier that I would do a blog post about my lovely Tomi Lahren's (@TomiLahren) show on The Blaze. She is a brilliant conservative, who asks the questions no one wants to, and gets real answers. She runs her show Monday through Thursday at 8pm, for one hour. Today's episode covered the … Continue reading It’s Monday, Let’s go