Future Female Leaders of America-Catch Up

So in Mid-late January (my post: 1/19/16¬†http://powergingy.com/2016/01/19/future-female-leaders-of-america/) I posted about applying to be an FFL contributor. I know I'm not the strongest writer, and I know being up-and-coming, and actually being able to pursue one of my dreams of being a writer, and near-instantly falling in love with what FFL stands for, as I support … Continue reading Future Female Leaders of America-Catch Up


Personal Opinion Tuesday

Because what else do I call this? It's something that the LGBT community has been fighting for all along. Being a more on the lesbian side of life, but still identifying as bisexual, this is something, for the most part, I keep on high alert, and something that I can vouch for. Over the past … Continue reading Personal Opinion Tuesday

In Spite of Recent Attacks

So I am fully aware that I am one of the last people to blog about this matter, in lieu of what has happened in the last week. But seeing as it's something that won't go away anytime soon, as no one country nor collection of countries can work together to tear down a terror … Continue reading In Spite of Recent Attacks

Modern Prohibition

I can't exactly call it my hometown, as I have moved several times in my life, but something occurred once again in California, regarding guns. "Riverside, Calif.: man hospitalized after shooting at White Park" showed up on my trending bar on facebook, right as I log on, hoping to talk to a friend. This irks … Continue reading Modern Prohibition