Eating Disorders

Being on social media, and being in a culture that designates days, weeks, or even months to various causes, I easily found out on my twitter, that this week is National Eating Disorders Week. Having my own issues with food, I decided to run a series of polls on my anonymous account to learn more … Continue reading Eating Disorders


Issues With Society

More and more, am I seeing these posts come up about these people that are overweight and are on government assistance, that are blaming the fact that they don't get enough out of their aid to be within a normal weight. I would say I'm sorry about what I'm about to say, but I'm more … Continue reading Issues With Society

Common Misconceptions

So I was just talking about this with a few of my friends on Twitter about this the other day. And It popped up yesterday on my trending sidebar on Facebook. I knew something would surface eventually after I read a story that surfaced about a lady who was an active drinker as a teen … Continue reading Common Misconceptions

Books and Blogging

I'm seriously what seems like eons behind trends and such, but not by far I guess, seeing as the show is still in progress, and the series is still being written. So I've decided to finally hop on this 'Game of Thrones' bandwagon. I'm going to start reading the books, then I'll start watching the … Continue reading Books and Blogging