Hypocritical Beliefs

Prepare yourselves. Today, I've decided to write my personal opinions of something that has been talked about time and time again. Religious beliefs and giving your higher power absolute credit for things.┬áLet me start by saying that I am Agnostic, and was raised under a Christian household. I do not hold anyone against their own … Continue reading Hypocritical Beliefs


Future Female Leaders of America

On Twitter, I follow a handful of ladies that contribute in some sort of fashion, or at least shop/promote/use FFL. So I got curious today, seeing how/if there was a way to become apart of that group, and there is! I applied to become one of their writers online. I have to wait to hear … Continue reading Future Female Leaders of America

Commentary: Abuse

Since it's been quite awhile since I've posted (main reason being I haven't had anything strike me hard enough to feel as a topic that I would like to write about on here.), I've finally found my first topic of 2016: abuse. It's something that is very complex, and even though there is plethora of … Continue reading Commentary: Abuse