Year Ending Reflections

As the year is coming to close, and we all fall for that new year's resolution, as if we couldn't bring ourselves to start our goals at any other time of year, it's no better time to use the excuse to reflect. 2015 started out like any other year for me. It wasn't spectacular. I … Continue reading Year Ending Reflections


Finding Myself

As I've grown older, and as I move from place to place, I've noticed I've lost myself more and more, while gaining bits and pieces here and there. But for the most part, I've lost sight of who I am, and what I want to become. This past year has shown me that drastically. The … Continue reading Finding Myself

May Nothing But Death Do Us Part

So even though I pretty much never post on Facebook, I still get on every day for a few minutes or so. Most people my age have moved on from the Facebook craze (keep in mind, most of my area hasn't, but given I haven't stayed in the same area my whole life, like most … Continue reading May Nothing But Death Do Us Part

Moving On

It's been a year since that phone call. That phone call, with my dad on the other side, telling me that you had been taken to the hospital, and under watchful eye. It's been a year since your health took the worst turn, and Mother Earth wanted you back. She took you that same day, … Continue reading Moving On

The Change of Seasons

So this is going to be one of my more cliche posts, so fair warning! But as 2015 draws to an end, and we start to forget it, each time we write the date for the first 4 months, it's not any better of a time than any other to start new, attempt again at … Continue reading The Change of Seasons


Okay, so sure I've given into the Hulu realm. I've had Netflix for ages. But There's one sole reason why I went to subscribe to Hulu-to watch Scream Queens. Sure, call me one of those white bitches. Call me whatever makes you happy/makes you feel better. I usually don't like to give into modern TV … Continue reading Womanhood

Belated Thanksgiving

As a retail worker, our thanksgiving gets thrown out of whack, just like nurses, EMT's, and everyone else who really works for the community. My job isn't nearly as important or nearly as difficult as the others, but being someone who the company relies on (In a small scale. The store I work at depends … Continue reading Belated Thanksgiving