Something Near and Dear

So I was raised in a "traditional" American household. Being a female, and what I'm realizing as I grow older, I'm one of the few in my generation that were taught that, and as a result, one of the few left as well. Sure, I like points of feminism, I love wearing pants, and shorts, … Continue reading Something Near and Dear


Love and War

There are two kinds of evil people in this world: those who do evil stuff, and those who see evil stuff being done and don't try to stop it. -Janis Ian, Mean Girls ┬áThis quote popped into my head, here just a few minutes ago, scrolling through twitter, while I'm debating on weather to go … Continue reading Love and War

Nous Sommes Paris/We Are With You France

So for another time this year, a terroristic attack has fell onto good-hearted, innocent people. For France, this isn't the first this year (granted the fact that we are all aware that it is Mid-November). I, as well as countless other Americans, let alone many others, mourn for their losses, in the same way they … Continue reading Nous Sommes Paris/We Are With You France

The Red Cup Issue

So this issue over The┬áred cup issue is overrated. It's the beginning of November, and these Christains are bitching about Christmas Cups. From Starbucks. One thing: No person, or company, should be forced to celebrate the same things you do, nor in the same fashion. And it's freaking November for Christ's sake. For most "Christians" … Continue reading The Red Cup Issue

Introductions At Their Finest

So here I am, new to the Anonymous world (Started on Twitter, now I'm branching out), and new to anon blogging, but not new to writing. I want to start by talking about something Twitter has brought light on, for me: chronic illness. I know that illnesses have been around since the dawn of time, … Continue reading Introductions At Their Finest